The Frog at the bottom of the Well believes that the Sky is round (FR)

Our childhood home and our home town. The memories of the first house, the first landscape our first playground. Those are places that never leave us. They lie deep in our memory and even though the pictures may fade over the years, they can emerge as clear glimpses of something quite fundamental to the person we became.

In THE FROG AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL BELIEVES THAT THE SKY IS ROUND, two faithful house servants open the doors to a house that slowly takes form from the enigmatic remembrance of its residents. With objects and pictures, the world stands still for an hour, while we are emerged in someone else's memory. The memory of Mr. Brin d’Avoine's memory. A man who has dedicated his life to collecting houses. Some are so large that they contain high mountains and deep lakes, others so small that they almost disappear. But no matter how many different houses the collection consists of, nothing really compares to the house, he lived in as a boy ... his childhood home.

The legendary Vélo Théâtre creates an intimate and poetic atmosphere, where the audience steps out of the usual role as a spectator and instead becomes a guest in Mr. Brin d’Avoine's house. An impressive visual installation, where it is possible for children and childish souls to explore among the many magical objects and memories.

Produced by Vélo Théâtre

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Performance period
25. - 26. maj 2019

Venue Kedlen/Godsbanen

Duration 75 min.

TIME SAT. 1 PM and 3.30 PM,


PRICE DKK 60-150

AGE 6+

LANGUAGE French with Danish translation

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"an enchanting performance experience that offers a slice of childhood that is simply unforgettable”



PERFORMERS Charlot Lemoine, Tania Castaing, José Lopez, Fabien Cartalade

DRAMATURGY Francesca Bettini

SCENOGRAPHY Philippe Lefebvre and Vélo Théâtre

SOUND AND MUSIC Fabien Cartalade


FILM Florent Ginestet