Nothing Happens (DK/FR)

In the cold outskirts of town, a crowd slowly and silently begins to take shape among the birch trees in the snowy landscape. Only accompanied by the screeching of crows, the crowd forms a line along the horizon. They are gathered to witness an event. No one says anything, everyone is waiting for something to happen ... but what?

NOTHING HAPPENS consists of two contiguous parts, an animation film and a VR experience. As a film, the work is a visually strong and thought-provoking meeting, where the spectator experiences both watching and being watched. In the VR experience, the role of the spectator is questioned, by inviting them to actively participate in the event. As an audience, you are drawn into the unique and sensuous world of animation - you no longer just observe you participate.

The award-winning couple Michelle and Uri Kranot break with the notions of what animation can do. They move in the borderland between installation art, technology and animation, which greatly involves and challenges their viewer.

Produced by TinDrum

Performance period
23. - 26. maj 2019

Venue Aarhus Teater, Studio

Duration 12-15 min.

TIME THU. - FRI. 4-7 PM, SAT. 11 AM - 3.30 PM, SUN. 11 AM - 6 PM


AGE 13+


DIRECTORS Michelle and Uri Kranot

ART DIRECTOR Michelle Kranot

VR DEVELOPER Milan Grajetzki


MUSIC Uri Kranot

SOUND Sofie Birch, Milan Grajetzki

ANIMATION Juliette Viger, Marine Duchet, Fabien Corre, Michelle Kranot

COMPOSITE Sara Aunbirk, Uri Kranot

CONCIEVED AND CREATED IN COLLABORATION WITH Sara Topsøe-Jensen / Carte Blanche theater.

PRODUCED BY Marie Bro/Dansk Tegnefilm

CO-PRODUCED BY The Animation Workshop

PHOTO VR@ANNECY - "Nothing Happens" © F. Blin/CITIA