The Little Suicides

A Swedish matchstick who falls in love with a Brazilian coffee bean. An Alka Selzer tablet who wants to fit in with a group of candy wrapped in beautiful paper. A small table and a single bulb shaded by a brown paper bag.

Olivia Molnár presents the performance that her father created successfully in the 1980s. On stage she gives voice and life to a handful of small everyday objects and provides insight into their small worlds.

The performance is presented in three parts:

"Alka Selzer. A bitter and sparkling tragedy": the multiple attempts of an alka selzer to escape its dreadful condition.

"Pita": Pita’s various transformations make Jorg lose his head, consumed with love for her.

"Tempo": about the passage of time.

By Gyula Molnár. Olivia Molnár on stage (IT)

Performance period
29. - 30. maj. 2021

Venue Teater Refleksion

Duration 45 min.


Saturday 13.00

Sunday 13.00

Sunday 16.00

PRICE 60-150 kr.

AGE For adults and children from the age of 7 years

LANGUAGE Mostly non-verbal

Artist talk Sunday May 30 after the performance 16.00-16.45

About Olivia Molnár

Olivia Molnár often mixes video, animation, writing and performances in her work.

Along with her artistic projects she runs creative workshops with adults and children.

She lives and works in Brussels.