Artist talks

Experience an exciting meeting with directors, performers and other artists behind the festival's performances, that gives the opportunity to gain an insight into the thoughts behind the performances and get answers to your questions

Chinchilla Arsehole, eyey (Aarhus Teater)

Friday May 28 after the performance 20.00-21.35

Are we not drawn onward to new erA (Bora Bora)

Saturday May 29 after the performance 17.00-18.05

Kujira + I am from Reykjavik (Festivalcentrum at Teatret Svalegangen)

Saturday May 29 at 18.30-19.00

Outwitting the devil (Musikhuset)

Saturday May 29 after the performance 20.00-21.10

Rue D’Orchampt (Teatret Gruppe 38, the café)

Sunday May 30 at 16.00-16.15

The Little Suicides (Teater Refleksion)

Sunday May 30 after the performance 16.00-16.45

28. - 30. maj 2021