Are we not drawn onward to new erA

Some say the world is coming to an end. Others call them doomsayers. No matter who’s right, in our quest for progress we have dramatically changed the world we live in. Are our actions irreversible or can we undo them?

Are we not drawn onward to a new erA is a palindrome – The audience will experience it both forwards and backwards. The story begins in a garden of Eden with a couple and a solitary apple tree. Little by little, more people arrive, and waste starts piling up. At first, the words of the cast are completely incomprehensible, but once reversed, they suddenly become clear.

Produced by Ontroerend Goed (BE)

Performance period
28. - 29. maj. 2021

Venue Bora Bora, Store Sal

Duration 65 min.


Friday 19.30

Saturday 17.00

PRICE 140-225 kr.

AGE For adults and young people from 12 years


Artist talk after the performance Saturday



"This is one of the most beautiful, most intelligent and committed performances Ontroerend Goed has ever made, on the boundary of visual art and theatre, poetry and politics."



"In the second half of the show, your mind will be blown with the precision of the direction, tongue-in-cheek secret splashes of humour and talent of an absent cast."

to do list, London


Are we not drawn onward to new erA won the 2019 de Fringe First Award and was nominated for the Total Theatre Award in Edinburgh.

About the company

Theatre-performance-group Ontroerend Goed creates possible realities that question how we as individuals position ourselves in the world today. The group functions as a collective and is cherishing a sense of ownership for every single contributor to their work, from actors to light designers, scenographers to conceptual thinkers.



Alexander Devriendt


Angelo Tijssens / Giovanni Brand, Charlotte De Bruyne / Leonore Spee, Jonas Vermeulen / Ferre Marnef, Karolien De Bleser / Britt Bakker, Maria Dafneros / Kristien De Proost & Vincent Dunoyer / Michaël Pas


Spectra Ensemble, Tille Van Gastel/Katrien Gaelens (flute), Pieter Jansen/Wilbert Aerts (violin), Bram Bossier (tenor violin), Peter Devos (cello), Frank Van Eycken (percussion), Rik Vercruysse/Simon Haspeslagh (horn)


Jan Martens


Philip Aguirre

Light, video & Sound

Jeroen Wuyts & Babette Poncelet

Technical assistance

Brecht, David & Pepijn


Charlotte Goethals


William Basinski


Joris Blanckaert

Finishing off statue

Daan Verzele, Jelmer Delbecque, Jesse Frans


Mirjam Devriendt


Morgan Eglin, Tim De Paepe

Many thanks to

Ilona Lodewijckx, Luc De Bruyne, Matthieu Goeury, Simon Stokes, Björn Doumen, Les Ballets C de la B, everybody involved in the pre-study 'koortsmeetsysteemstrook' @ Toneelacademie Maastricht & our fantastic test-audiences.

The performance features

William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’ by Spectra Ensemble.

Ontroerend Goed in coproduction with

Spectra, Kunstencentrum Vooruit Gent, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Adelaide Festival & Richard Jordan Productions Ltd.