No Comment (KR)


The award-winning South Korean company Laboratory Dance Project's NO COMMENT is inspired by a news show on the German TV channel Euronews, which choreographer Chang-ho Shin saw while living in Munich. It is a news program without personal opinions from commentators or visible news broadcasters, so that, in this way, people can form their own opinions about what they see.

One such broadcast stuck with the award-winning choreographer- a program about the reality and brutality of the ongoing war in Iraq that was broadcast with only video and sound from the war-torn places. No comments. At one point, the camera pans onto a man standing in the middle of the ruins pounding his face and chest hard while crying in complete silence. This scene inspired the elegant and energetic show NO COMMENT, where eight dancers mix modern dance with a hint of hip hop, break dance and even North African folk dance in a groundbreaking and experimental performance.

Produced by Laboratory Dance Project

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Performance period
24. - 25. maj 2019

Venue Teaterhuset Filuren

Duration 20 min.

TIME FRI. - SAT. 7.10 PM

PRICE DKK 80-150

AGE 8+

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"The movement is tied closely to the music (...) and suggests both tribalism and something about to explode"

The Oregonian

"pure testosterone on stage"



PERFORMERS Nara Yoon, Jeongmin Lee, Geon Jeong, Jiho Jang, Haneul Jung, Youngchae Kim, Changhwan Hwang and Daegyo Han


LIGHTING Junghwa Kim

MANAGER Jisoo Gook

MUSIC Transglobal Underground 'Ali Mullah', Goran Bregovic 'Babylon'

PHOTO Sinae Kim

Supported by Arts Council Korea