Origin of a tale

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Origin of a tale explores the great mystical fables. Two performers shape sculptures from clay on stage. With gestures and fabric, they create a poetic experience which excites the senses for both children and adults.

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The first fable may have been formed in clay before the language became as comprehensive as we know it today. Therefore, the central element of Origin of a tale is clay in both slabs, stakes, blocks, bas-relief and modeled live. The two performers on stage give life to different figures and spaces. They tell the story and origin of the fables with living sculpture and drawing, movement, object manipulation and sound.

Fables have been orally transferred between people. From generation to generation. From area to area. They remind us that there was a time when borders were not defined as they are today. The only thing that may still be able to easily cross these borders are our thoughts and our stories.

17. - 18. jun 2023

Scene Teater Katapult

Varighed 45 min min.


Saturday June 17 at 13.00 & 16.00

Sunday June 18 at 13.00

PRICE 60-150 DKK

AGE All ages

LANGUAGE Nonverbal

#lebanese #sculpture #performance #drawing #sound


Origin of a tale is made for children and adults by the lebanese Collective Kahraba.

Photo credit to Rima Maroun.