03:08:38 States of Emergency

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03:08:38 States of Emergency is a reconstruction of the afternoon of July 22, 2011. Minute by minute we see what happened during the terrorist attack in Oslo and on Utøya, while listening to authentic radio broadcasts and audio recordings from the day the terrorist attack took place.

Still curious?

It took 3 hours, 8 minutes, and 38 seconds for a young man to blow up a Norwegian government building and then kill 69 young social democrats at a summer camp.

Now history is being recreated in terrifying real time. Artists, filmmakers, and musicians work on stage, and by using a small cardboard model car, drawings, and an unnerving ticking sound as part of the soundscape, they stimulate the audience's inner imagination.

How did the outside world react to this tragic event? How was it talked about outside of Norway? Not after the tragedy, but in the middle of it, in the middle of the state of emergency, where no one knew anything about the scale, the reasons or the motivation behind it.

Behind 03:08:38 States of Emergency is Transiteatret-Bergen that works with contemporary theater under the artistic direction of Tore Vagn Lid.

In 2020, 03:08:38 States of Emergency won Heddaprisen for Special Artistic Contribution to Tore Vagn Lid and for Best Audiovisual Design, just as it won Osloprisen for Performing Arts of the Year.

16. - 17. jun 2023

Scene Teatret Svalegangen

Varighed 195 min.


Friday at 15.08-18.15

Saturday at 15.08-18.15

Please note: The performance lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is possible to leave for a break when you need to.

LOCATION Teatret Svalegangen 

PRICE 140-225 DKK

AGE 16+

LANGUAGE Norwegian with English subtitles 

#Norwegian #realtime #radio #tragedy #imagination

Double winner of the Hedda Awards

Winner of the Hedda Award for "Best Audio-Visual Design".

Tore Vagn Lid also received a Hedda Award for “A Special Artistic Effort” for the performance.


"I wouldn't have thought that a minute-by-minute theater performance about the terrorist attack 22 July 2011 was going to be one of the most meaningfull theater experiences for a long time."


"At Utøya we can follow the route of the mass murderer by a red line on the map, and we know what happened. This part of the performance seems the most moving, the choir and the musicians are creating a raw atmosphere."



Audiovisual concept and direction: Tore Vagn Lid

Scenography: Øystein Nesheim og Tore Vagn Lid

Cartoonists: Øystein Nesheim og Arvid Pettersen

Camera-team: Anders Hultgreen (camera), Øystein Nesheim (drawings) og Tore Christian F. Bleikli (camera/light) 

Percussion: Terje Isungset

Trumpet and vocals: Per Jørgensen

Guitar and vocals: Tore Vagn Lid

Bass: Morten Skage

Music: Tore Vagn Lid og Terje Isungset

Audiovisuel performance: Mathias Grønsdal

Sound design: Tore Vagn Lid, Morten Skage og Mathias Grønsdal

Singers: Hilde Annine Hasselberg and singers from Aarhus Teaters

Research: Øystein Nesheim, Tor Christian F. Bleikli and Tore Vagn Lid

Producent: Tor Christian F. Bleikli, Sigrid Aakvik

Photo credit: UXBAL and Transiteatret-Bergen

Produced by Transiteatret-Bergen. 

Co-Producers: Det Vestnorske Teatertret, Vega Scene, Institute of Theatre-, film and Media studies at Goethe University, (Frankfurt a.M). 

Supported by Norsk kulturråd og Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs.