Let’s talk about Diversity

As an attempt to move beyond the discussion of who are being represented on stage and who are not, this two-day international seminar sets out to make the strategies and practices visible for working towards more diversity within our audiences, institutions and artistic practices. Taking into consideration the plurality of both staff members, audience members and local members of the surrounding society this seminar gives insight to different hands-on examples of working with differences in a rewarding way.

It is our ambition to inspire, exchange experiences and collaboratively build new knowledge on the topic of future theatre practices across institutions and countries, and hereby develop new initiatives and networks in the field.

Building knowledge together starts with building a language. What we can say and what not are dilemmas we have all faced in conversations about age, gender, class and ethnic background. These conversations are challenging, and creating change is challenging. Yet failing and not-knowing are cornerstones in making art and also in conversations about diversity. Let’s try to talk about it, and let’s fail together.

We are welcoming all members of the industry regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality and education.

27. - 28. maj 2021

Scene Festival Centrum, Teatret Svalegangen, Store sal


Thursday 27 May 13.00 - 16.15

Friday 28 May kl. 13.00 - 16.15

PRICE Free admission, but registration is necessary



We look forward to be welcoming

  • Jan Wallyn, Artistic Director of Het Zinnema in Anderlecht, Belgium

  • Sargun Oshana, Director at Theater Grob in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Liv Helm, Artistic Leader of Husets Teater in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lene Struck Madsen, project manager at Applaus, Denmark

  • Tanja Diers, moderator of the seminar and Doctoral Student at Malmö Theatre Academy, Sweden

Networking dinner

After the seminar Thursday afternoon we will enjoy a nice dinner together and get to know each other better. The price for attending the dinner is 250 DKK which includes a two course meal and two drinks (vegetarian options available)

The dinner is at Sct. Oluf, Mejlgade 33 in the center of Aarhus. 

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It is free to participate in the seminar, but you have to register.

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The seminar has been organized by ILT Festival and the research group Paradigms of Dramaturgy at Aarhus University in collaboration with Foreningen af Danske Dramaturger, Applaus and Performing Arts Platform.

The seminar is supported by

The seminar is supported by Aarhus University Research Foundation and Manchester x Aalborg x Aarhus Cultural Collaboration.