I am from Reykjavik

I want to meet people like me:
A woman in her 50s
A single mother of a single child.
Someone who cared for a parent with dementia.
A fat woman.
A child of an immigrant.
Someone who has recently started gardening.
A woman in a mixed-race marriage.
Someone who used to be a political activist.
Someone who has served a short sentence in jail.
A person who loves cooking for friends.
Someone who occasionally goes to church but doesn’t believe in God.
An artist who’s been making work for over 20 years.
A Black person.

If you share any of those descriptors above, I’d like to meet you some place in Aarhus. You decide where, preferably somewhere which has something to do with your identity. We’ll chat and I’ll buy you a coffee, or tea maybe even a cake.
This is the residency part of I AM FROM REYKJAVIK, my attempt to be a post-racial, global citizen. The second part is when I return and claim a piece of your public space to build myself a little dwelling. I am going from city to city to find a place where I can be free. Where I can be totally all of me, free to come and go, to stay and feel at home.
Will you welcome me to Aarhus?

To book a time to meet me, contact info@iltfestival.dk or me here on Facebook.

Produced by Sonia Hughes (UK)

Performance period
27. - 30. maj 2021

Venue Aarhus

Duration TBA min.

Book a time with Sonia Hughes or ILT Festival


About the Residency

During ILT festival it will be possible to meet artist, writer, director and performer Sonia Hughes. She will use a number of conversations with people living in Aarhus as a preparation for the performance that she will present at ILT festival 2023.

If you are interested, please contact us on info@iltfestival.dk

About Sonia Hughes

Sonia Hughes is a British artist, writer, director and performer. She has been collaborating with other artists for over 20 years and among other things she was part of the huge opening show WHAT IS THE CITY BUT THE PEOPLE at Manchester International Festival in 2017.

I AM FROM REYKJAVIK is her debut as an independent artist in the public space.


A SPILL Festival, Jerwood Arts and LIFT Commission

In partnership with:

Festspillene I Nord-Norge, SPRING Performing Arts Festival, ILT Festival and Royal Docklands

I am from Reykjavik by Sonia Hughes

Image by

Solomon Hughes