Venue Performing Arts Platform

Duration 120 min.

TIME KL. 12.30-14.30
ADRESS Brobjergskolen,
Valdemarsgade 1G, 8000 Aarhus C.

Lunch for professionals

Meet local and international colleagues for a lunch with inspirational conversations. In collaboration with the ILT Festival, the Performing Arts Platform offers lunch for local and international artists. Performing Arts Platform provides lunch and pleasant settings at Brobjergskolen.

After lunch, we will walk together to Bora Bora to see FIVE EASY PIECES by Milo Rau // IIPM //CAMPO. Read more about the show here . In connection with the event tickets for the performance can be purchased through the Performing Arts Platform for DKK 80, -. However, those who already have a festival pass do not need to buy a ticket.

Lunch is free, but due to capacity there is a limited number of seats. Registration - and booking of tickets for FIVE EASY PIECES - can be made as long as there are seats available, but no later than Wednesday 22 May.

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