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The Old Trout Puppet Workshop (CAN)


Venue: Åbne Scene / Godsbanen

Saturday May 30th 8pm
Sunday May 31st 8pm

Price group A - 150 kr. / 90 kr.

Puppet documentary about the evolution of happiness
Are you happy? Everybody should be. Happiness is the whole point of our existence. And yet, recent sociological studies indicate that most people only experience occasional whiffs of contentment - and when they do, they’re immediately anxious about loosing the feeling within approximately 23 seconds. Adding that up, the average person will experience only fourteen and a half minutes of real bliss over the course of their entire lifetime.

What have gone wrong? How did happiness slipped through our fingers? These are the questions, IGNORANCE try to answers in a magnificent puppet theatre for adults only.

The show takes place in a cave – okay, not really a cave, it takes place in a theatre, but in fact there’s not that huge of a difference. The stage is lit by a fire – don’t worry, it’s not real – that casts flickering shadows over some strange primitive rite. Using rocks, branches and bones the performers tell us the story about the blissful origin of primitive man, and how our brains have evolved to the hideous bliss sucking parasites they are today. The play looks into why we as people are not happy, and how we can solve this problem without resorting to alcohol, drugs or a lobotomy in the pursuit of happiness.

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»Ignorance is bliss«

The Calgary Herald

"It takes a special group of creators, performers and directors to make me feel very strongly about 2 pieces of wood, a wig and a stick."

PLANK Magazine
Åbne Scene / Godsbanen
Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C

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About Ignorance

The play is an so-called Open Creation – which means the entire show has been written on the web for all to see and for all to comment, criticize or contribute

Performed by

NViktor Lukawski, Pityu Kenderes, Pete Balkwil & Judd Palmer as the narrator

Behind the performance

Directed by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Puppets & Props built by Pete Balkwill, Juanita Dawn, Erin Baskerville, Nicolas di Gaetano, Jen Gareau, Pityu Kenderes, Deneen McArthur, Judd Palmer and Clunk Puppet Lab (Jonathan Davis, Kyla Read & Shawna Reiter)

Animation by Paul Dutton with Sitji Chou, Jessi Schroeyers-Frederick and Tyler Lemermeyer

Lighting by Cimmeron Meyer

Audio design by Trevor Leigh

Scenography by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop


The performance is in English


16 years or older


73 min.
Supported by
Banff Centre for the Arts

Animation Society
The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Read more at www.theoldtrouts.org